Anastasia’s Blue Dress Appreciation Post

Was there some sort of special animation for this movie because it has never looked quite like other animation.

It was almost entirely rotoscoped, if that’s what you mean? That means it was drawn on top of live action film, which is how they got the realistic subtleties. 

Whoa, that’s so cool. Wow.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is rotoscoping done fantastically right.

Because all you really need to do is find some cheap animation produced by lesser-to-completely-unknown studios to see how horribly disturbing rotoscoping is when the artist cannot animate very well; if the frame rate is too slow? It looks jerky, choppy, and repulsively unnatural. It leaps right into the uncanny valley and sets up house there.




Princesses Singing in Their (probably) Mother Tongue (click gifs for translation and Language)

Sorry in advance if there’s a typo in the subtitles or translation, send me an ask if you found one :)

I’m gonna justify why Pocahontas and Tiana aren’t here, for those who don’t know. Tiana lives in New Orleans in the 1920’s, and many if not all people spoke English down there. And Pocahontas’ song Colors of the Wind, is sung in English, as she learnt the language before the song sequence, however Just Around the Riverbend, may be sung in Pocahontas’ Native language. 




Peaceful student protesters in Hong Kong are being tear gassed and pepper sprayed. They are protesting pro-democracy rights and simply want they’re voices to be heard. 

You can read all about the situation here 

Too many times peaceful protesters have been victims of police brutality in an attempt to silence them. This needs to stop before some even more serious damage can be done and by that I mean the loss of lives. 

Pictures via BBC World News 


magical-norway asked:

I saw you posting about riots in Hong Kong, could you please explain whats going on there? I know someone who lives there and I want to know if they'll be okay.

choosepeaceoverwar answered:

So, basically, protests have been going on for the past few days.

University students and secondary school students have been boycotting school for a week because we are dissatisfied with the government’s version of democracy for 2017.

The Central government has promised us democracy for decades, but now they are going back on their promise and declaring that the candidates for the 2017 election will all be hand-picked by them. Well, they didn’t say that outright but that’s what they mean.

So it caused an outrage and us students went on strike.

Then, on Friday night, a group of students on strike rushed into Civic Square to reclaim it. It was originally a space near the government building intended for citizens to use, but the government built up a 3 metre tall fence around it because they are scared of us citizens and our protests.

The police immediately got violent and surrounded them, carrying them out forcibly and using pepper spray despite the fact that they were mere teenagers (young adults at most) with no weapons in their hands.

But that was not all.

This morning, at about 1 am, Benny Tai announced that the pro-democracy Occupy Central movement would start.

The government declared that this was illegal but that did not stop thousands of citizens from participating and joining the peaceful protests in Central, Admiralty and Wan Chai.

It was fine at first. But the police are now increasingly agitated and are attacking people using tear gas, pepper spray, beating them, and even threatening to shoot.

Hong Kong is really messed up right now and I’m almost in tears because of it. Please let the word get out. The world needs to know that this is not okay. We will not stand for it.

Oh and whoever you know will (hopefully) be safe as long as they don’t go to the protests. Don’t worry for now ^^